Advertising supports branding through relevant messaging to your audience(s). In today’s fragmented media channels it’s important to develop consistent and distinctive brand messaging, to help create the memory structures that will place your brand front of mind at the critical decision time.

Advertising that has the power to engage emotionally on behalf of a brand has been proven to be much more effective than communication which follows a rational, persuasion strategy. We tend to make emotional choices, then post-rationalise our reasoning afterwards. How a brand makes us feel is consequently very important, from the tone of advertising messaging to the simplicity of UX on a brand’s website.

Brand storytelling is a key part of advertising as it is these narratives which help create the strongest memory structures. If the story can be enhanced into a positive physical brand experience then better still, because we are more likely to remember something we personally experience versus just being told. Successful advertising is distinctive and engages the audience emotionally. Combine this with distinctive branding and your brand will become memorable and grow. Simple.

Growing a new brand

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