User experience (UX) design

With so many acronyms in use (UX, UXD, UED and XD being the most common examples), the process to achieve a successful user interface can confuse on its name alone, yet its purpose is essential in providing clarity and a feel-good factor to a user.

The foundation for a successful experience is to understand and build everything around the user. Its influence should be felt across the full lifecycle of any digital project from conception to delivery, working with data intelligence to steer future upgrades and ongoing digital marketing support.

Agencies will often break down tasks covered by UX into various subsets but, in the interests of simplicity, KISS treats the experience of a user, what information they’re presented with and how intuitive their interaction is with a product, under the banner of UX design. The tasks can differ depending on the objectives and requirements of any given project, and typically start with competitor and user analysis in a digital workshop.


In identifying key audience types, everything can be designed and built with confidence around their objectives/motivations, subsequent needs and expectations, steering decisions around touchpoints, structure and content.

User flows & journeys

Visualising desired journeys ensures that the identified needs of users are met with efficiency. They inform structure and wireframes, and getting this right can result in dramatic improvements in audience engagement.

Sitemaps & information architecture

Content has to be structured in a way that’s intuitive to a user and their needs on any given journey. Well-thought-through architectures of systems aid efficiencies around maintenance and should consider all linked touchpoints and data sources.

Wireframes & prototypes

Prototyping enables understanding of layout, content and ease-of-use which can be validated with user testing. It enables rapid creation of initial wireframes, removing the risk of diversion of its assessment due to proposed design elements.

UI design

Working with a pre-established brand language, interfaces are brought to life. Styles are optimised for the required breakpoints, ensuring that layouts are engaging and aligned to the project’s creative brief. Above all else, a successful user interface design will enhance the experience further.

UX design also covers competitor analysis, audits, specifications and user testing. KISS assists clients with all aspects before progressing to website and system development.

Enhancing digital engagement

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