Digital strategy workshop

Digital is a fundamental medium on which all businesses and organisations rely. From public-facing marketing tools such as websites, apps and social channels through to internal systems like CRMs and extranets, companies benefit from an overarching strategy that ensure all touchpoints work together to strengthen messaging and build efficiencies.

A digital strategy workshop will typically take half a day.

The workshop starts with insight from KISS, which will compare your current business activity to your competitors’, looking at types of communication across all touchpoints and what they offer users, along with headline analytics for SEO and social engagement.

Digital strategy workshops typically involve three steps:



To build a successful strategy, you must first understand your audiences, how they will likely interact with you and what you need to offer them in order for them to reach their goals. In understanding this, and aligning with your business objectives, clear areas of focus will be defined.



With user types and objectives agreed, we need to understand the touchpoints that are most relevant in delivering for these needs. This will likely mean an interrogation of what you currently use, with a focus on strengths and weaknesses, especially when factoring in your business and resource. Applying a SWOT analysis approach will also highlight pros and cons with other systems that are deemed worthy of evaluation.



The deliverables for this stage can differ significantly depending on the agreed environments and platforms. Most of the work is done by KISS post-workshop, though priorities and required response are discussed and agreed with you. The result will provide you with a clear roadmap that demonstrates how touchpoints will work together and be delivered within the agreed framework, often detailing a phased approach.

For some clients, specific touchpoints are the clear and obvious focus from the start. The format of a KISS digital workshop is adaptable and can work for isolated needs including (but not exclusively) website specification, social strategy, search engine marketing, e-comms and digital advertising.

KISS were an impressive company to work with during all phases of our project. The quality of staff and expertise was really striking. KISS helped us pave the way to a fantastic new website which is the basis of our global marketing efforts. KISS took the time to research the niche market sector that Biocair operates in, which gave us a real edge during development. From a technical point of view, KISS were faultless and flexible. We challenged them with almost impossible timelines and they met these without fail.

Vincent Howard

Chief Operating Officer, Biocair