Storytelling workshop

It is a well known fact that stories are a powerful way of engaging an audience. Stories can take many forms and can be used to engage varied audiences on diverse subjects. Businesses that have a story at their heart are more successful and find it easier to engage both their external and internal audiences.

Our storytelling workshops are designed according to our clients’ needs and starting points.

It may be that a major acquisition has taken place and this needs to be communicated to the marketplace. Or perhaps there is an opportunity to bring the business vision to life internally. Or there is simply a chance to tell a brand’s story. Bringing it to life will help to make it stand out in the marketplace. Whatever the need, we can tailor our storytelling workshop to deliver against that.

Typically a storytelling workshop takes half a day and involves three steps:



The first step is about understanding what the stakeholders believe the story is, what they say about the brand/business when asked and how they see that unfolding in the future. In order to explore this, we use a number of different techniques to enable candid sharing and expression.



This is when the participants decide what the unifying story should be. This isn’t about creating a whole new direction for a brand/business, but rather about uncovering the story that already exists somewhere at the heart of the business and agreeing what the key elements are that make up that story.



Once we understand the essential elements of the story, we can work with you to turn these into a storyline that can be expressed by anyone in the business. This doesn’t mean there is a script everyone reads from, but that we practice and role play, telling the story in our own words to different potential target audiences.

Following the workshop, KISS will create one expression of the story. Using everything that came out of the workshop, we will create an articulation of the story for the external marketplace expressed in the medium we believe is most relevant for your business – be it a comic strip or an elevator pitch.

We appointed KISS PR because its specialist team have a good knowledge of the industry and understand the immediate challenges faced by the solar sector. In a short time, the team has embraced our business and have achieved some great results.

Stuart Bradshaw

CEO, Push Energy