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The Simplicity of Emotion (Needs Proofing)

16 December, 2015

Keeping things simple is the perfect way to get a message across without any confusion and it's something we believe strongly here at KISS. We also believe in injecting emotion into anything we do, because what could be simpler than an emotion?

As we feel quite passionately about the subject, we decided to do a some research and find out whether emotion really does make a difference in advertising.

One publication we came across, Brand Immortality, written by Field and Pringle, showcases an analysis of 880 case studies. The results from the study suggest that ‘emotional campaigns are twice as likely to generate profit gains than rational ones.’ To many it’s no surprise that brands can make us feel differently through advertising, however, to effect profit gains is a major step.

For an injection of science, Professor Antonio Demasio provides an insight into how the brain reacts to advertisements.

Professor Demasio is a man who has put aside many years to discuss emotion, which is understandable, as he explains, “We wouldn’t have music, art, religion, science, technology, economics, politics, justice, or moral philosophy without the impelling force of feelings.”

Demasio explains how “neuro-imagery shows that when evaluating brands, consumers primarily use emotions rather than information.”

This, we feel, justifies why, as a brand, you should communicate with your customers on a more human level, etching out that tiny bit of emotion that will make it memorable and appealing.

Below is an example of one of our favourite advertisements. It captures all the ordinary moments in life, but reminds us that each little bit is significant and special.

> Our Managing Director, Sarah Reakes says; "Before going into any job you have to find what it can mean to people, without that connection you can end up getting lost and having no real purpose behind it. Just like a film or a novel, with advertising you have the opportunity to change ones perspective and create something memorable - that's what truly inspires me every day."

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