KISS and Isle Interactive join forces as perfect partners
KISS and Isle Interactive join forces
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Lizzie Brightwell

Junior Developer

I believe that everything is ‘figure-out-able’ and KISS allows me to cultivate this concept in bold and creative ways.
Lizzie Brightwell

Lizzie studied Music at the Royal Northern College of Music and University of Manchester, but recently undertook a career change from the arts to technology. She has had previous roles in arts administration and was always drawn to the technical or web side of the roles, witnessing first-hand how technology could be used to enhance presentation, brand and credibility. She built websites in her spare time while training as a digital apprentice for a year. Her role involves a variety of technologies and she is enjoying learning different approaches. As a Full-Stack Developer she is equally at ease with the logic behind the database, and finessing the front-end to realise the fantastic designs created by colleagues. She loves to trouble shoot, build things from scratch and research UI/UX best practises, keeping design decisions at the front of her mind as she builds.