Global PR review

We were asked to undertake a full review of Cambridge Assessment English’s global PR operations, identifying any strengths and weaknesses of the current approach to PR. Ultimately, we were asked to make a recommendation on how PR could be developed over a two-year period to support external comms objectives.

With the aim of producing a roadmap for success, we began the review by interviewing a number of Cambridge Assessment’s key stakeholders in order to understand the organisation’s current positioning in the marketplace. We also wanted to learn more about the ways in which various teams across the organisation were working and how they were communicating results.

We conducted thorough desk research to identify competitor coverage and opportunities. We wanted to gain insight into the experiences of different stakeholders during their interactions with the comms team, in order to understand what their PR journey looked like and how it could be improved.

Our conclusions detailed the current state of play within the organisation, and the tools and processes that needed to be implemented in order to achieve effective PR. This was then distilled down into a clear and concise roadmap, complete with strategic pillars and recommendations, for presentation to senior figures within the organisation. Cambridge Assessment English was thrilled with the result, and the recommendations, and has already begun implementing strategies based on our findings.