Public relations that delivers against your strategic business objectives

PR is one of the most effective ways to create awareness and stimulate interest and engagement, whether for a company, an exciting new product or service, an event or to raise the profile of your company’s CEO.  

Editorial coverage offers credibility to your audience. Reading a review in a consumer magazine, hearing a spokesperson offering advice or industry insight on radio or seeing a customer testimonial in a trade title is powerful.

Our PR team is a group of experienced people who know the most compelling way to tell an interesting story. To the right people. Using the right channels.
For example, we can get our clients regarded as thought leaders in their field by associating them with well-considered industry issues, news-jacking, or predictions.

Effective public relations through clearly defined strategy

From the outset, we will ensure that your messaging is clear and aligned with all other communications. 

Our thought-leadership workshops can be helpful in unearthing the most interesting angles and identifying the stories that will help you achieve your business objectives. 

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Find your interesting story

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Develop the newsworthy angles 

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Media engagement 

Many of our clients need preparing to face the glare of the broadcast media, so we offer training workshops which help them develop key messages and how to best present them on camera.
Additionally, we help clients prepare for crises by helping them identify and train for potential risks and issues that could have an impact on the perception of their brand.


Creativity feeds into every aspect of the work we do at KISS. Emotionally-driven creative work, communicated via an engaging PR campaign is a powerful mix.
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