Strategic foundations
to fuel success.

Our years of experience help you define a roadmap to your future. Strategy sits at the heart of all we do. Put simply, we will help you define what you stand for, where you're heading and how you will communicate your story. That’s how you hit your KPIs and secure ROI.

Working with KISS produced much more than a beautiful website that we are immensely proud of; we now have messaging with impact and a clear common vision that makes the team motivated each day.

Kathryn Chapman

Deputy Director, Milner Therapeutics Institute

Expertly delivering success through strategy.

  • Account based marketing (ABM)

    We’re experienced at deploying ABM one-to one and ABM Lite strategies for B2B businesses, targeting individuals and groups within key target client accounts. ABM strategies are a powerful tool to accelerate lead generation by creating personalised communication campaigns to drive engagement and our teams from strategy, creativity and beyond are ready to activate these plans.

  • Digital brand and marketing strategy

    Starting with your commercial objectives, and an in-depth understanding of the marketplace challenges you face, we’ll work with you to create a brand and marketing strategy that’s straightforward and ready to activate in market.

    A clear brand and marketing strategy delivers a framework for strategic decision making, providing a clear, KPI-driven rationale for all your marketing activity.

  • Brand articulation - proposition and positioning

    Successful businesses are crystal clear about what they stand for, where they’re heading and how to communicate their story.

    Your brand proposition and positioning are the foundations for all your B2B marketing activity, and the first impression your business or organisation will make. Agreeing a clear sense of purpose for your business will provide strategic focus for future growth.

  • Communications planning

    Prioritising your target audiences and establishing clear KPIs will provide the information needed to develop a cohesive omni-channel communications plan for your B2B organisation.

    Our solution is to focus on where your content is best activated to drive maximum impact and engage your target audiences to optimise ROI.

    Strategic counsel from our team of experts will shape and optimise customer journeys so you can hit your KPIs with a pragmatic, can-do approach to optimise your digital channels.

  • Content strategy

    Developing a B2B content strategy means you always know what you should be creating and publishing. Beginning with establishing your target audiences, we’ll then develop content pillars and identify the most appropriate channels for your brand – ensuring it all supports your marketing goals. This will draw upon social media marketing, content marketing, inbound marketing strategies alongside other focussed recommendations to ensure your content reaches the right people to deliver the results you want.

    A KISS content strategy provides a clear vision, so your content has cut-through and high engagement rates to increase brand awareness and leads.

  • Lead generation

    We’ve got the know how to unlock your commercial success by turbo-charging your B2B lead generation process.

    Once we’ve identified your target audience and where they are, we’ll guide you through the process of ensuring conversions are secured, tracked and captured. In the world of business, nothing is more important than leads.

  • Media planning

    We take a strategic approach to paid media, working with you to set clear, measurable objectives, define tight audiences and identify the most appropriate ad placement to reach key B2B decision makers.

    Every opportunity is unique, and solutions are not one size fits all. Our expert media team will develop forward-thinking, omni-channel plans based on market intelligence and insight to drive tangible results and ROI.

  • Research and insights

    Thoughtful research and thorough insights are critical to the success of any marketing strategy or campaign. Our team of brand strategists begin our immersion and discovery process by analysing your competitors, considering where you sit in the market landscape and interviewing key stakeholders to capture critical insights.

    Research and marketplace insights will elevate your brand and provide a solid framework for achieving your strategic goals.

  • Social media and influencer strategy

    Whether your business is B2C or B2B you can’t afford to ignore social media content marketing and influencer marketing.

    Our expert team will develop a successful strategy to optimise your social media marketing activity. We can help you identify and partner with the most relevant influencers to promote your brand, products and services through curated messaging.

  • Website discovery and planning

    Website design and development projects commence with a strategic phase to understand objectives, the competitive landscape and the needs of your audience. This work is combined with a technical review, outline functional specification and initial structure to provide a solid foundation for the delivery of any web project.