Define the path to success.

We simplify and define the path to success then measure and optimise results to deliver impact. We take the pain out of digital marketing with expertise across the entire journey from strategy to activation, analytics and optimisation.

Our experts deliver across a range of disciplines including search, paid media, programmatic, social media, activating multi-channel campaigns and analytics. We unravel the complexity of digital marketing to design and deliver seamless customer journeys that drive real-world impact.

Getting straight to the facts and showcasing some of the phenomenal things we’ve helped happen through our Open Access publishing provided a stand - out, memorable and visually striking campaign to raise our profile in the US.

Camille Vallinino

Marketing Director B2C, Americas, Taylor & Francis

Bespoke, digital-first campaigns.

  • Immersion and discovery

    Our team of brand strategists will take a deep dive into analysing your competitors, considering where you sit in the B2B market landscape and interviewing key stakeholders to capture critical insights. Research and marketplace insights will elevate your campaign and provide a solid framework for achieving your strategic goals.

  • Account based marketing (ABM)

    The KISS team is experienced at building ABM one-to one and ABM Lite strategies for B2B organisations, targeting individuals and groups within key target client accounts. Developing ABM strategies and creating personalised communication campaigns drives engagement and is a powerful tool to accelerate lead generation.

  • Lead generation

    We’ve got the know how to unlock your commercial success by turbo-charging your B2B lead generation process. We’ll identify your target audience and where they are and guide you through the process of ensuring conversions are secured, tracked and captured.

  • Audience targeting

    We work with your team to define the specific target audiences for each campaign – developing a rich picture of each audience, their pain points and motivations. These insights will allow us to develop propositions for each campaign, forming the basis of a creative brief for our teams.

  • Audience user journeys

    With a thorough understanding of campaign objectives and the target audience, we can create user journeys for your campaign showing how we would take your target audience through the sales funnel from awareness to action, and which channels are most suitable to facilitate the ideal journeys. This helps to inform a campaign strategy that identifies which channels and messages will be most effective at each stage.

  • Overarching messaging

    Our strategists and content creators map out the overarching campaign messaging and identify which information is most relevant at each stage of the journey. Compelling messaging appropriate to where people are in the journey helps us move them further through the funnel to the ultimate goal – conversions that deliver ROI for your marketing spend.

The power of creativity sets campaigns apart.

  • Campaign narrative and messaging

    We are skilled at crafting campaign narratives (core concept) and detailed messaging for B2B campaigns – this ‘red thread’ forms the foundation of all the campaign assets which follow.

  • Campaign concepts and development

    For each campaign our team of experts work on, we typically develop 2-3 creative concepts showing the core campaign idea and how we see this being articulated visually, along with key headlines. All campaign concepts will be on brand, but we work across a spectrum from a ‘safer’ option to ones which push the brand further. This allows us to collaboratively reach a conclusion on which direction feels most appropriate – we’re creative partners in this process.

  • Video and animation

    We have in-house expertise and capability to produce impactful, compelling video and animation. This includes storyboarding, script writing, filming and soundtracks. We can flex to create long and short formats for campaigns, social media and advertising, live, on-location shoots and animation including scientific mode of action videos. We can also help orchestrate shoots remotely, with self-filmed content guided by our experts.

  • Social media templates and channel headers

    Bringing your brand elements together in a way that suits each social media platform is a fine art. Incorporating what makes your brand unique, while maintaining authenticity is our goal. We can create a suite of social templates that are distinctively yours and which ensure your campaign messages stand out consistently and are tailored to your goals on social media.

  • Blog and content development

    We’re experts in developing blogs and thought leadership content to elevate your campaign and our team has years of experience in implementing both B2B and B2C media relations to raise awareness. Your blogs and thought leadership content can form part of your inbound marketing or content marketing strategy and integrate with SEO strategy, too. We can also deliver reputation management, media training, presentation training and internal comms to support your campaign planning. Whatever content your organisation needs to develop, we’ll make sure it works the hardest it can for you.

  • Design and production of materials for events

    Print isn’t dead, and it is often one of the most impactful ways to bring a brand campaign to life. Whether it’s event advertising, signage, menus and more - our creative team bring a wealth of print experience and are ready to roll out your campaign across your event collateral.

  • Recruitment materials

    If your current campaign is about attracting and retaining new talent, it can be enhanced by joining up your messaging for every potential and new recruit. From welcome materials to a company playbook demonstrating the culture behind the doors of your business, investing in recruitment and retainment materials helps mobilise your internal culture to carry out key advocacy and messaging at every touchpoint. Your colleagues are your best brand advocates - when you equip them with the right tools.

  • In-house collateral toolkit

    If you would prefer to manage and produce campaign materials in-house, we can develop a toolkit for your team to activate internally and provide consultancy support to ensure effective delivery.

Campaign management

Activating a B2B brand awareness or lead generation campaign with multiple audiences across multiple channels is complex, requiring a team with specific, expert skill sets. We’re skilled at managing multi-faceted campaigns, monitoring live performance and tweaking to optimise the campaign to drive maximum results - so you achieve the biggest impact without any of the pain.

  • Search marketing

    It’s vital for your business to be at the top of the relevant search engine result pages. From identifying the issues that could be holding your site back, through to in-depth site audits, we work with clients to bring websites in line with current SEO guidelines to optimise performance and ensure you're the first port of call when users are looking for products or services. We can also deploy highly focussed PPC campaigns to deliver short-term results while you improve your longer-term search ranking organically.

  • Performance dashboards, analytics and reporting

    The right data can help to inform decisions, meeting your audience with the right message at the right time. We help you navigate the maze of data out there with insights to deliver impactful campaigns in line with your objectives. As part of our campaign management process, we can specify and build bespoke automated reporting dashboards, pulling data from multiple sources to enable real time tracking of key analytics and on-going measurement in order to enhance and refine campaigns in near to real-time.