Brand loyalty, brand trust and audience attention span are all declining, while content creation, consumer control and media channels are all increasing. Social media is saturated with brands fighting for their share of voice, making it increasingly difficult to stand out from the crowd. Influencer engagement is increasingly becoming a central part of PR briefs to help increase brand awareness, engagement and build authority.

Influencer engagement

Most organisations claim they already know who their influencers are. But there are often influencers who hold sway with their target audience, who may not be on their radar yet.

Through our social listening tools and influencer discovery platform, we use a number of
filters (listed below) to discover networks of influencers that may have slipped through your net. From here, we can start to listen to the conversations these influencers are having that are relevant to your industry or product – or your competitors –and begin to tailor content suitable to them.

  • Topic search – uses keywords to identify top influencer communities
  • Content search – matches influencers against brand or competitor content
  • Demographic filters – refines searches by location, age and gender
  • Role filters – refines searches by influencers’ professional role or personal focus

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