Internal Comms

The building blocks of success

Too many organisations neglect internal communications, instead focusing on what’s happening externally. Connecting your key stakeholders with your defined strategy is critical and allows them to understand how they can contribute to your organisation’s overall success. Coupled with this is the role of connecting leaders with employees, which builds employee engagement and drives performance.

At KISS we believe the foundation of any internal communications campaign is to agree a comprehensive strategy. We understand that some of our clients may already have undertaken some or all of the strategic stages, and we work with them on those areas that require identification, refinement or development.


We offer a full internal communications audit, which allows us to drill down your key internal audiences, what they want, what other internal and external noise you're competing with, and how successfully your current internal strategy and comms channels are working.


A key role in any internal communications strategy is to consider and define any issues you are currently addressing, how should they be communicated and at what levels? We will look at your internal communications channels, including what structures you have in place for dealing with any crisis-type scenarios.


Once we’ve defined the strategy we can also support you in implementing those ideas. We can recommend the right tools, and our team of experts can drive your content accordingly. We’re used to acting as an extension of your company, immersing ourselves in your culture to revitalise and reinvigorate.

Key to any successful campaign is engagement and dialogue. Working with you and your stakeholders in the right way to produce the right content and tools, which encourages them to engage, participate and feedback.

We’ve worked on internal communications campaigns where both local and global comms are required – between us we’ve done everything from organising town hall meetings to engaging community workforces, produced print and e-newsletters, organised team inspiration events, and set in motion employee ambassador programmes.

Approaches to internal communications have changed in recent years and key to any successful campaign is an understanding of which tools work best. It’s all about delivery, optimisation and quality of content.

We treat internal communications as a bespoke requirement: we look at what motivates, what works and what approach should be adopted. Our combined experience means we can read the signals and recommend how to react appropriately – there’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach.

We often work with clients to take a holistic approach to both internal and external communications, ensuring that internal communications are aligned with and reinforced by your PR, social media and influencer strategies and vice versa.