Social media

More and more businesses are waking up and realising that social media is no longer a ‘nice to have’.

At KISS, we understand a full social media campaign requires strategic planning, creativity, an integrated approach and detailed tracking and analytics. We haven’t just latched onto social media as an ‘add on’ service but see it as enhancing your PR strategy. Our advice is always grounded in data that informs our social media strategies and enables us to create impactful campaigns.

We monitor conversations with and about your business, learning about your products or offering, identifying the best topics for posts – and those we should avoid.

In the digital age, the quality of your content can be what makes or breaks your brand. For consumer organisations, content is the fuel that drives social media reach and engagement. For B2B organisations, the quality of your content will have a big impact on lead generation.

We offer a range of services tailored towards your social media requirements:

  • Audits – we take a data led view of your current social media status and review your strengths and weaknesses, highlighting your super-fans and understanding your brand tone of voice

  • Management – our social media team has a vast amount of experience managing social channels across a range of platforms. We put robust systems in place to ensure a consistent tone of voice, prompt response to enquiries and deliver well-placed content that generates engagement and builds communities.

  • Listening – We can offer real-time insights on social media activity in order to adapt and evolve campaigns as required. Our social listening tools enable us to adapt social media campaigns to maximise exposure linked to breaking news, trending topics and emerging influencers.

  • Content creation – we have in-house copywriters, design team and digital experts to advise you on the right approach to creating memorable and engaging content.

  • Strategy – we will never take on a new client and start posting content straight away. We spend time with clients learning about their business or products and their target audience, to identify key content opportunities and the most suitable platforms for your campaign.

  • Paid – never underestimate the power of setting aside some additional budget to boost or promote some of your most engaging content. Some brands or agencies fall foul of thinking putting money behind a post will guarantee lead generation or higher click through rates. However, if your content is weak and you haven’t tested the campaigns with your target audience, it can become a costly and frustrating process.