Impactful PR and social media

It’s competitive out there so you need to cut through the noise – whether your business is B2C or B2B we can help you get to the heart of your messages and transform them into creative and impactful PR and social media campaigns.

From promoting a product launch, to driving social engagement, raising brand awareness, or looking to push your business to the top of the search rankings, we know exactly how to activate content across optimum channels, delivering targeted messaging to your audience.

We have proven success from strategic recommendations to creating memorable and engaging PR and social campaigns that connect with your audiences across your owned and earned channels.

The KISS team have helped us to articulate our brand and devise our content marketing. They were professional, full of useful ideas and demonstrated a deep understanding of our business.

Deborah Eyre

Founder and Chair, High Performance Learning

Public Relations backed by strategic insight with measurable impact

We’ll always recommend a strategy phase to kick-off a PR or social media project, so we can get right under the skin of your business or brand and get on the same page as fast as possible, so you won’t waste time saying the wrong things to the wrong people!

PR can be a powerful tool in brand building and forging strong relationships with your stakeholders. By communicating the latest news or insight in your sector along with your labelled branded content, you are establishing everyday relevance in B2B and B2C environments.

PR and content strategy

We spend time with clients learning about their business or products and their target audience, to identify key content opportunities, audiences and the most suitable platforms for your campaign. Through messaging workshops and immersion in your business, we are able to create engaging positions for you to offer clearly defined content in your industry.

A strong PR strategy, with targeted messaging, provides you with a roadmap to achieve strategic, streamlined communications, create brand awareness and identify what engaging content will be required to meet your business objectives.

Reputation management

There is no separation between ‘online’ and ‘offline’ where your brand’s reputation can be managed or promoted through a single press release. When forming an opinion of your business, consumers will scan the media, social media, review platforms and your website. We conduct full audits to identify potential risks to reputation, outlining in detail the best strategy and tactics to ensure your reputation stays on track.

Internal communications

There’s no point having a strong external strategy if you don’t communicate your proposition internally and effectively. Our strategic and creative teams can help drive workforce engagement, strengthen your culture and motivate your teams which will all help your business grow.

A full internal communications audit allows us to identify your key internal audiences, what they want, what other internal and external noise you're competing with, and how successfully your current internal strategy and comms channels are working. We will look at your internal communications channels, including what structures you have in place for dealing with any crisis-type scenarios.

Navigating the social media landscape

Social media strategy

Our creative content experts and strategists will help you to identify your social media goals, the tactics to achieve them and the metrics required to track performance. We’ll develop strategies to identify how best to use your social media platforms to achieve your marketing objectives.

Social media audits

We take a data-led view of your current social media status and review strengths and weaknesses, highlight your key brand ambassadors, potential influencers, and understand your brand tone of voice.

Influencer strategy

Influencer engagement is a central part of our work to help increase brand awareness, engagement and build authority. Through our social listening tools and influencer discovery platform, we use a number of filters to discover networks of influencers that may have slipped through your net, and we will build the appropriate strategy to make their influence work for you.

Public relations backed by creative thinking and content

When you know what you’re saying, and to who - how you say it is just as important. Whether that’s by using stunning visuals, video or copy - or all three! - we’re ready to bring our special flavour of creativity to your content creation.

It takes a whole team to create content across social, web and PR - from powerful brand stories and engaging social media posts to insightful thought leadership content and more.

Content creation

We have in-house copywriters, a creative design team and digital experts to advise you on the right approach to creating memorable and engaging content with consistency and adherence to your brand guidelines.

Thought leadership content

Today, more businesses are connecting with their audiences on a social and emotional level to build trust and increase engagement. Effective thought leadership elevates your brand above the product or service level and adds credibility to your business in the media. Genuine thought leadership content can transform the way you communicate with your target audience and our expert content creators are highly skilled at finding the right topics for your community and creating dynamic, compelling omni-channel content.

Internal communications campaigns

We can support you in creating internal communications campaigns by recommending the right tools, and our team of experts can drive your content accordingly. We’re used to acting as an extension of your company, immersing ourselves in your culture to revitalise and reinvigorate local and global teams and build company culture.

Social media account management

Our social media team has a vast amount of experience developing the right content for your social channels across a range of platforms. We put robust systems in place to ensure a consistent tone of voice across your channels that builds communities and increases brand awareness.

Influencer management

Our content team are skilled at working collaboratively with influencers to support them in the development of brand appropriate content to raise your brand awareness within your target audience.

Public relations for measurable, tangible results

We’re experts in developing content to elevate your brand and implementing social or media relations campaigns to raise brand awareness or build your profile.

The impact of a PR and social campaign with KISS is laser-focussed, measurable and delivers ROI against your KPIs.

PR Press office

We’ll be your eyes and ears on the ground and the first point of call for all B2B and B2C media enquiries. We have in-depth experience running everything from reactive, issue-based press offices for international brands and proactive press offices profiling start-ups, to highly targeted B2B features programmes. We are quick to jump on newsworthy opportunities and will bring energy and flair to your in-house teams.

Global support through the PROI

If you’re looking for support on a global project, we are members of the PROI, the world’s largest partnership of independent agencies. This gives us access to the leading independent agencies worldwide, offering local knowledge to help our clients make an impact in whichever global market they want to conquer next. Whether you’re looking to launch an international media relations campaign or implement a global communications toolkit, our agency partners have the on-the-ground experience to deliver the right message, to the right audience, at the right time.

Media relations

We believe in building strong relationships with journalists and understanding the type of content which intrigues them. We collaborate with journalists to move beyond simple brand mentions to tell stories that resonate with your audience and hit your communication objectives.

Internal communications

We’ll activate your recommended strategy to drive employee engagement and grow company culture. Key to any successful internal communications is an understanding of which tools work best - it’s all about delivery, optimisation and quality of content. Our expert content creators can support you in recommending the right tools to encourage engagement, participation and feedback.

Social media account management

Our social media team has a vast amount of experience managing social channels across a range of platforms. We put robust systems in place to ensure a consistent tone of voice, prompt response to enquiries and deliver well-placed content that generates engagement and builds communities that increase brand awareness.

Social listening

We can offer real-time insights on social media activity so campaigns can adapt and evolve as required. Our social listening tools enable us to tweak social media campaigns to maximise exposure linked to breaking news, trending topics and emerging influencers.

Influencer campaigns

We can listen to the conversations your influencers are generating that are relevant to your industry or product – or your competitors – and ensure the channels they’re using align with your objectives.

Paid social media

Never underestimate the power of setting aside additional budget to boost or promote some of your most engaging content. Whether you’re driving sales or building awareness our social team will develop and build targeted social ad campaigns which deliver tangible results.


We deliver easy to digest reports laced with our years of industry experience. Whether it’s for your marketing team, or a board presentation, we’re on hand to make sure the valuable statistics and analytics that social media and PR generate are mobilised to further your impact and inform future decisions.

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