To fully understand his new role, and his hopes for the future, we caught him between meetings and asked him about his responsibilities and what they entail.

“I’m here to make sure that we improve processes, ensure our knowledge is current, whilst building our team and ensuring that the digital output remains as creative and cutting edge as possible - while of course adhering to best practice.”

Having such an influence on projects from conception to completion is one area that Adam is very excited about. It not only provides him with the chance to make sure the objectives are met with the appropriate digital experience, but also gives him the chance to make sure every part of the team knows exactly how each job is moving forward.

This is a very important factor within an integrated agency if they want to deliver projects to the best of their ability.

“We want to be honing down on exactly what the clients needs are.”

Adam first joined KISS officially in April as our Digital Experience Manager, responsible for detailing user journeys, creation of interactive wireframes and UI (User Interface) design. Before joining KISS, Adam was the founder of a digital agency, which he ran for ten years. Feeling the need for a change in lifestyle he sold his share to experience the world of freelancing.

Running his own business for such a long time has stood Adam in good stead to take hold of the reigns in the KISS digital team, and he looks forward to developing it further.

“We’ve grown very quickly as an agency, and there’s no reason why that can’t continue with the team and ambition we have here.”