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Bidwells appoint KISS

25 June, 2013 Reading: 1:22 min

Leading property consultants, Bidwells has appointed us to help evolve their B2B marketing strategy

Bidwells appoint KISS

Bidwells, one of the UK’s leading property consultancies has appointed us to help evolve their B2B marketing strategy. The programme has commenced with a review and evolution of the firm’s property promotion templates for their Commercial and Property Development teams. As well as the development of an on-line capability this will accelerate the production process, whilst optimising costs.

Howard de Souza, Head of Marketing & Business Development at Bidwells said: > "We were looking for a partner who would inject creativity into the next generation of our collateral, but they had to be sensitive to the cost and logistic constraints of our business." "What we did not want was a bunch of creative divas who would prove insensitive to the reality of a tough trading climate or, put design before function. But above all, we wanted a 'partner' who would work with us and would understand the nuances of an in-house team having to service its own internal clients. KISS has proved its creativity and professionalism repeatedly.”

Richard Bland, our Creative Director said, “We are very excited to be working with the team at Bidwells. We applied our KISS approach to the brief and produced a professional solution that could be utilised throughout the company’s offices. > “Bidwells is the latest in a series of exciting wins for KISS including Horizon Discovery, Cambridge Cognition, CP Foods and IMServ, and we look forward to working with them as part of an on-going relationship.”

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