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Broadband provider WiSpire appoints KISS

15 February, 2016 Reading: 1:12 min

WiSpire, a Norfolk-based high-speed broadband provider, has appointed KISS as its Public Relations agency...

Broadband provider WiSpire appoints KISS

Using its own network of wireless transmitters attached to church towers and other structures, WiSpire is able to provide broadband services across Norfolk, especially to those communities and businesses underserved by other providers.

Commenting on the appointment, Steve Maine, CEO of WiSpire said: “KISS PR came highly recommended and we felt confident in the agency’s strong technology and regional experience.

“Our goal is to increase broadband penetration in Norfolk and the surrounding regions and we are looking forward to working with the team at KISS to achieve this.”

Our Account Director, Tracy Postill, who has extensive experience across technology and telecoms, will head up the account.

Tracy said: “The Government’s broadband policy has been getting a lot of air play and there has been much debate on whether they will reach its stated target of superfast coverage to 95% of homes by 2017.

“While everyone else is discussing the issue, WiSpire is able to offer an alternative and arguably better broadband solution to the people of Norfolk, even those in remote areas.

“We want as many people as possible to know they have options when it comes to getting a quick, reliable broadband service,” she said.

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