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IMRG benefit from KISS Future for branding and communications review

13 October, 2011 Reading: 1:58 min

IMRG benefit from KISS Future for branding and communications review

The Interactive Media in Retail Group (IMRG), the UK’s leading industry body for global e-retailing has completed a comprehensive review of its branding and communications using KISS Future, a new standalone service from KISS Communications that demystifies and simplifies the brand strategy process. Following the review, IMRG whose membership comprises hundreds of leading retailers, and enterprises that supply technology and services to facilitate e-retail solutions, now has a family of brands and sub-brands that can be easily applied to the various arms of their products and services. James Roper, Chief Executive of IMRG said, “We were approaching a significant growth curve in our business which necessitated a branding and communications review. “We found the whole experience with KISS and KISS Future very positive and commercially valuable, helping us to recognise key parameters which then formed the basis of a brief for a new identify. It has really helped to define the way forward for us and the e-commerce industry we represent.” Competitive advantage, increased customer loyalty and higher margins are just some of the key benefits that KISS Future can bring to companies. Richard Bland, Creative Director at KISS Communications explains, “KISS Future was launched to help companies define, focus and position their brands to drive business growth. Working with IMRG through this process has been very rewarding and we are very pleased with the outcome.” Richard continued, “We often work with companies that have no clear proposition or set of values and lack a clear personality for their brand. KISS Future is available as a series of pick and mix structured modules over a pre-set timeframe or as a bespoke service. The service can help demystify the whole process, stripping a brand product or service down to its core and then helping to identify the proposition, the values, personality and vision for the future. Bringing greater clarity will help companies achieve long term business objectives.” If you are interested in finding a unique and inspiring vision for your business then call Sarah Reakes, Strategy Planner, KISS Future on 01223 911123 for an informal, no obligation chat or alternatively email

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