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KISS sponsors TEDxImperialCollege this May

11 May, 2017 Reading: 1:07 min
KISS sponsors TEDxImperialCollege this May

KISS is delighted to sponsor TEDxImperialCollege, the latest in a global series of independent, self-organised events designed to spread ideas and let people enjoy the quintessential TED experience.

Having already sponsored TEDxCambridgeUniversity in February, KISS is excited to see the ideas, innovations and inspiring discussions presented around the theme of ‘Blueprints’ – how game-changing developments such as AI, genetic engineering and superbugs can be planned for in the rapidly approaching future.

On the 13th May, ten speakers ranging from Oriol Vinyals (Google DeepMind) and Sanjeev Gupta (Department of Earth Science and Engineering, Imperial College) to Alvaro Sanmartin Cid (Udacity, Floqq) and Rikke Rosenlund (BorrowMyDoggy) will tackle these issues across a range of disciplines and sectors, to consider how the global picture may soon look.

CEO of KISS, Simon Fryer, said of the event: “We’ve always used TED talks in the agency to get inspired and help us think in new ways, and there’s no doubt that the sold-out TEDxImperialCollege event will do exactly the same for everyone in attendance. We work with many clients in technology, science and education, and we want to support the people and conversations that will push these sectors forward both now and in the future.”

For more information on the TEDxImperialCollege ‘Blueprints’ event, please visit:

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