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LaunchPad your new business to success

30 June, 2011 Reading: 2:40 mins

LaunchPad your new business to success

KISS Communications has introduced LaunchPad, a simple but effective marketing toolkit to help new businesses in the East of England take off effectively and grow successfully. Research carried out recently by KISS Communications revealed that 70% of business professionals think now is a good time to start a new business, with 72% believing 2011 will see an increase in start-ups. In response to this optimism and keen to support the region’s early stage companies, the agency has developed LaunchPad. The toolkit is an easy and cost-effective way to give any new or recent start-up a platform to establish themselves, accelerate development and produce rapid results. The package of services is also relevant for existing businesses that would like to refresh or revitalise their brand. LaunchPad is available from March 2011 and is open to a limited number of companies. For a fixed fee, LaunchPad encompasses marketing strategy, branding (including web site development and stationery), and PR; all the elements necessary for a company to succeed. Drawing on its experience of working with high performance companies and early start-ups, KISS will also offer direction and support; taking the stress out of those difficult early months.Simon Fryer, Managing Director at KISS Communications said, “Enterprise and entrepreneurialism is thriving in the East of England with over 3,000* new businesses launched in the last six months of 2010. Starting any new business venture is daunting but often entrepreneurs focus all their energy into the financial and operational side of the business and only turn to marketing their product or service just prior to launch. Our research, which questioned over 100 professionals, also highlighted the dangers of kicking off a new business with unprofessional marketing and a poorly thought through proposition: 96% believed this greatly increased a start-ups risk of failure.” He continued, “KISS Communications is keen to support innovation in the East of England, helping businesses find their feet at the critical start-up phase. Getting the fundamental building blocks in place with an integrated marketing approach right from the outset is critical to any company’s success, providing significant cost-savings in the long run.” “LaunchPad is a package of services tailored to provide a stress-free, fast-start toolkit to hasten a company’s development. For a young company, having the foundations firmly laid down is reassuring and knowing exactly what that cost will be is also very helpful.” Simon concludes, “We’ve got decades of experience of working with high performance large companies as well as smaller and early stage companies, giving us an invaluable insight into what works and what is needed to achieve success.” If you have a great business strategy, an excellent product or service but need support from a trusted expert, email Simon Fryer. For businesses that are further along in their growth, KISS Communications can also offer a range of other services that will ensure 2011 is a success. Follow LaunchPad on Twitter *A total of 3,168 new businesses have launched in the East of England in the last six months of 2010, that’s over 8% of the UK total of 39,000 (source Royal Mail)

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