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Most effective vehicle for increasing business revealed

06 February, 2012 Reading: 1:48 min

Most effective vehicle for increasing business revealed

Going for growth will be a key objective for businesses in 2012 and new research carried out by KISS Communications has found that the single most effective vehicle for increasing business will be marketing, according to 37% of respondents. 33% of professionals stated they would be exploiting networking opportunities, followed by 19% of respondents who said they would be developing new products and services in order to increase business. The research, which questioned over 100 professionals in January 2012, also found that only 3% of professionals planned to cut prices as a strategy for increasing sales over the next twelve months. Despite the UK’s current strained relationship with Europe, only 6% of businesses admitted they were reconsidering which export markets to target as a result. 12% stated they may review in the future, with 40% confidently unperturbed by events in Europe. Encouragingly the research also found the majority of respondents at 72% stated that the potential changes to the UK’s relationship with Europe had not impacted on their overall marketing strategy, with just 8% of businesses having held back on investment in marketing. Simon Fryer, Managing Director at integrated marketing agency KISS Communications said, “The new year has definitely started with a degree of optimism despite all the doom and gloom we read about in the media. Our research has shown that businesses are looking at the most effective vehicles for growing their bottom line and we are pleased to see that companies recognise the benefits that marketing can have on growth and sales.” KISS Communications recently voted the No. 2 marketing agency in the East of England by Business Weekly is committed to helping businesses deliver insightful communications. Last month the agency announced its support of the Herts Chamber of Commerce Inspiring Hertfordshire 2012 Awards, and is set to provide the winner of the ‘Business of the Year’ Award with the prize of twelve months PR and marketing support. They join the University of Hertfordshire and Exemplas as key sponsors of the event.

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