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Navigating stormy seas the KISS way

16 March, 2017 Reading: 2:27 mins
Jane Kroese

By Jane

The simplest way of delivering strategic focus

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We’re in the midst of a political maelstrom: the repercussions from Trump’s first 100 days, the continued fallout from Brexit and the Prime Minister’s comments on ‘globalisation making the world fearful’.

This all makes for a nervous climate and confirms to us that our philosophy of keeping things successfully simple has never been more pertinent than now. KISS Head of PR and Content Jane Kroese has been deliberating about the current uneasiness within the business world:

“Uncertainty is inevitable with change and, in light of the looming belt buckle tightening that is no doubt going to hit organisations across the country, something that’s resonated with us is how we perceive and embrace change at KISS - and accept and acknowledge the benefits that come with it.

“We’ve always worked in tandem with clients to cut to the quick to define their strategy. Now more than ever we’re helping them navigate their way through the current economic and political storm to plan ahead with clearly defined, simple yet effective approaches to cope with this climate of change and uncertainty.”

And one of the approaches KISS adopts to help deliver strategic focus is through a range of tailored workshops which all follow the KISS proven method centred on strategic thinking:

Never before has it been so important to identify and communicate your key messages to help define your communications and be in a position to deliver core content to engage your audience and benefit your business or brand. A KISS Messaging Workshop will ensure you are in a position to define and implement effective messaging strategies.

Complementing this is the KISS Crisis Workshop, which will help ensure your house is in order to prepare for crisis scenarios – by being prepared from the outset you can take control and we can help you ensure that you are equipped to handle any incident.

A KISS Brand Articulation workshop will help your business focus on where the real opportunities lie and will provide your whole organisation with a watertight blueprint for the future ensuring focussed comms and consistency.

KISS's brand process, including workshops, is designed according to clients' needs and starting points. Stories can take many forms and can be used to engage varied audiences on diverse subjects. Businesses that have a story at their heart are more successful and find it easier to engage both their external and internal audiences.

If you want help to define your focus, identify clear differentiation and prepare to be future proof then contact us to find out more about our range of workshops and how we can help you.

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