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New heights for social

25 January, 2016 Reading: 1:13 min

KISS PR Managing Director, Justine Smith, comments on how social media plays an important role in marketing campaigns.

2016 will be the year of immersive tech, with companies such as Facebook taking our social media experience to the next level. Not only will virtual reality play a role in our everyday media consumption, but also the relationship between companies and their customers will change as personal, direct messages act as the new customer support service.

“The introduction of new micro-location technologies such as Apple’s iBeacon into the marketing mix will help to bring online and offline experiences even closer together. Along with increased personalisation, video and social advertising, this year is set to be an exciting one for social media,” believes our PR MD, Justine Smith.

“At KISS we’ve seen social playing an increasingly important role in campaigns over the last six months; from Sun-Pat’s Spread the Energy competition launched on Facebook, through to conversations in real-time on BritMums on teenager’s snacking habits and live chat from Olympic Long Jumper, Greg Rutherford, through to the agency presenting vox pops insights using Vines. What’s clear is that social media has a key part to play in B2C channel building, customer engagement and influencer marketing and is only set to grow in importance.”

Read the article Justine is commenting on here.

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