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Preparing pupils for work

19 June, 2014 Reading: 2:34 mins

Our PR team helps support the ‘Cambridge Area 14-19 Partnership’ in its quest to attract more businesses and individuals

Preparing pupils for work

Are young people adequately prepared for the workplace? This is a question that is frequently debated amongst businesses and educationalists who feel that young people struggle to make the transition from education to employment. Cambridge Area 14-19 Partnership (CAP) has turned to our PR team to help raise awareness of the need for more support from Cambridgeshire businesses to help make a difference to the region’s next generation of employees.

CAP represents all state funded secondary schools, sixth forms and FE colleges in Cambridge, East Cambridgeshire and South Cambridgeshire. In total, 28 institutions are included, representing approximately 23,000 students aged between 11-19 years old.

Anne Bailey, founder of the CAP Employer Links project explains the importance of getting more organisations involved: “There is strong evidence that demonstrates how employer engagement can impact the learning and progression of young people. We’ve currently got about 150 employers and individuals, including some of Cambridge’s largest businesses, who have agreed to help us with this initiative, but we need more! Our goal is to develop a curriculum for employability: a framework for all our schools to coordinate and integrate the development of essential employability skills.”

CAP focuses on supporting transitions between stages of education and into employment. Employer Links is building partnerships between schools and local enterprises so that:

  • Students’ eyes are opened to the vast range of career possibilities
  • Careers information, advice and guidance is geared towards growth sectors
  • Stereotypes and misconceptions are challenged
  • Learning is enhanced by showing how theory is applied in practice
  • Students develop improved employability skills
  • Students expand their network of professional contacts
  • Teachers update their knowledge

Businesses or individuals interested in getting involved please contact Anne on 07545 696547 or

Our MD of KISS PR, Justine Smith said: “It’s tough out there for young people and unfortunately many schools have had to halt work experience for Year 10 and Year 11 because of budget constraints. Getting prepared for interviews, producing a CV, gaining an understanding of what employers want and being able to conduct yourself in a work environment are all essential skills. KISS is pleased to support CAP with helping to get more businesses on board.”

We are passionate about supporting young people in Cambridgeshire and currently sponsor Young People of the Year Awards and the Cambridge Roar (raising funds for The Prince’s Trust). Our PR team will also be supporting CAP in the coming months with CV preparation, interview practice, taking Q&As as part of the panel session at Parkside School, and mentoring support.
Our agency also offers a number of limited, structured work experience placements to 15-16 year olds and paid graduate internships across a number of areas within the business, including PR, digital, and creative – often leading to full time employment.

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