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The Art of Simplicity, join the conversation on Pinterest and Twitter

02 May, 2012 Reading: 1:42 min

The Art of Simplicity, join the conversation on Pinterest and Twitter

Award-winning integrated marketing agency, KISS Communications has launched The Art of Simplicity campaign aimed at promoting the benefits and value of applying simplicity for interaction between business, government, social enterprise and consumers. “Einstein once said “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler”, something that resonates well with our passion for not over complicating how we interact with each other, suppliers, partners and the work we do for clients. KISS was founded on the ‘Keep it Simple’ philosophy and in an ever more uncertain, sometimes overwhelming and certainly hectic world, simplicity is an often under-appreciated value,” said Richard Bland, Creative Director at KISS Communications. Everyone is invited to join The Art of Simplicity conversation…

A recent survey conducted by Siegel+Gale (Global Brand Simplicity Index) found consumers were willing to pay a premium for brands that provide simple communications and experiences. The report which named Google as the number 1 simple brand also featured much loved UK brands John Lewis, Tesco and the BBC on the round up of the top 10. The research claims that brands have much to gain by streamlining communications and services as consumers would pay between 2.7% and 5.3% or £2.75bn extra for simpler experiences. It also found that 88% of consumers were more likely to recommend a brand because it makes their customer experience simple. “The campaign is an ongoing conversation as well as using research to gauge opinion amongst decision makers,” explains Richard. “We want to stimulate debate and interest on the benefits of a ‘keep it simple’approach.”

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