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What makes a great idea?

07 September, 2015 Reading: 2:20 mins

Accounts intern, Richard Gough, speaks to our busy Creative Director to get his opinion on what makes a great idea.

What makes a great idea?

When starting out as an intern at KISS I was really looking forward to seeing the creative process behind a new brand or product. The real surprise was the amount of ideas that get thrown around before the list is whittled down to just a few. While this process is happening it’s interesting to see how a room can be divided by a few ‘minor’ details, so this got me thinking, what does make a great idea? I tracked down our busy Creative Director, Richard Bland, to give me a few pointers.

First of all, and very relevant to the whole KISS philosophy, Richard expressed that a touch of simplicity heightens a great idea. If an idea is simple, then it appears effortless, which, as an audience, is a lot easier to take on. By sifting out the unnecessary information and focusing on the true elements of what you are trying to achieve, ensures that an advert stays creative, without losing the point.

Along with simplicity, there’s no reason why you can’t include a bit of humour. Laughing is an emotion that let’s people relax and let down their guard, so if you can make an audience smile while selling a product or brand, then it’s the perfect mix. This is also a great technique to get an audience to remember an advert, as they will want to share it with friends etc. This takes me onto Richard’s next point, and that is creating an idea that is memorable. Which, I guess, is every designers dream; to create something that people will recall for years to come.

However, Richard is quick to point out that making people remember an advert is all very well, but if they don’t remember the brand then it has been a waste of time. The engagement with a brand is the pinnacle of any advert – the entertainment is the extra razzmatazz around an idea.

Our Creative Director also has a bit of a competitive streak, expressing that a great idea is something that others wish they’d come up with themselves. Which is probably a great point to wrap this up, as if you’ve created something that is either; memorable, witty, creative or simple, then you’re going to make others a bit jealous of your accomplishment.

Overall, it’s interesting to see how these ideas come about and the thought process behind each one. At the end of the day it is all about communication and inspiration. If you can talk through your ideas with a team, they blossom and develop until it’s refined.

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