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YOPEY finalists take centre stage!

04 November, 2015 Reading: 1:16 min

Inspirational, uplifting evening at the 10th YOPEY awards...

YOPEY finalists take centre stage!

Last night the 10th YOPEY awards were held in the spectacular St. Catherine’s College, Cambridge to Reveal, Recognise and Reward young people who have shown bravery and selflessness. Jane Kroese, Georgina Cohen and Richard Gough proudly represented KISS for the third year of sponsoring the event.

Each and every one of the 10 finalists sitting in the front row was more than worthy of the award - all showing great confidence, initiative and a fantastic display of positivity throughout their young life.

The founder of YOPEY, Tony Gearing, reminded us throughout the night that they were all winners, however, officially there could only be two.

Corbin Russell and Tiffany Baldwin were the delighted winners of the Junior YOPEY award. These two generous individuals, have given up their time to help the older generation in their local town not only feel safer, but also more engaged by constantly making sure they have some company.

The Senior YOPEY winner was the very smiley, Amira Haque! Her entrepreneurial personality, along with her relentless optimism has seen her change many young lives throughout the county. She has not only led three very successful campaigns from environmental to inspiring kids to feel comfortable with their appearance, but also dedicated hundreds of hours to a national volunteering scheme.

I could talk about each contestant all day, but you will have to go to to see for yourself the amazing work the finalists have done!

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