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In-depth website calls for detailed user journeys, planning and design

The Client

In Autumn 2014, KISS won the pitch to work with Bacs, the organisation responsible for processing hundreds of millions of automated payments between bank accounts each day, on their ongoing digital marketing activity. After cutting our teeth on a revamp of their email marketing, the first major project undertaken was to completely overhaul the Bacs website.

The Challenge

To create a user-friendly resource that would enable multiple audiences to access information

To put the new Bacs brand guidelines to the test in the digital space

To implement a successful interface for one of the UK’s most trusted B2B brands


KISS kicked off the project with a digital planning work shop where, with the help of the Bacs marketing team, we identified the different types of users, their goals and desired outcomes.

Following this KISS was able to create different personas and map their likely journeys around the website. This process informed the website structure and in particular the resource hub, which would ultimately become a one-stop shop for the many thousands of documents that Bacs needed to make available to their multiple users.

Detailed wireframing and clickable prototypes were used to test and challenge our thinking. As ‘tried and tested’ is very much part of the Bacs brand anatomy, two months was spent on this before we moved on to the design phase.


The design process was implemented and stakeholder workshops and drop-in sessions were put in place to ensure buy in from the wider team. Rather than decision by committee, this was a process integral to an organisation that is ultimately funded by its stakeholders

KISS continues to plan, manage and report on Bacs range of ongoing email campaigns. We have also been commissioned to design the sortcodes information website, which is funded by Bacs, Faster Payments, CHAPS and the Cheque & Credit Clearing Company. KISS also provides consultancy services to the Current Account Switch Service team.

KISS delivered an innovative solution for our website to address an issue we had been grappling with for a long time, how to easily and effectively make available the numerous documents we hold on the site to our multiple groups of users. Job done - an excellent result!

Jayne Stuart


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