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Discovering new things and travelling have always been things that I love. When I started my communications school in Paris, I decided to do the International programme, which is in English, because we have to do internships abroad every year except for the first year. For my first year, I stayed in Paris and I chose to do my internship in a Fashion PR agency.

For my second year, I wanted to have an experience in the marketing or management field, but in an agency where I would have the opportunity to learn more about other communication areas, such as digital.

I decided to send an internship request to the KISS team because I liked the look of their work, clients and also their team spirit. I was also interested by the fact that everyone was working with each other on different projects and with different clients.

Since my first day, I have been welcomed warmly into the team, even though I am only here for four months. There is a good atmosphere at KISS. They organise lunches and drinks with everyone most weeks, but also plan other team activities, including inspiration sessions, paintball and a ping pong competition.

From a work point of view, I have already had the opportunity to work on projects for established clients and new business. The thing that is interesting is that even though I started as an Account Service intern, I have now also had digital and PR tasks. I am always busy (in a good way)!

In addition, living here in Cambridge is a great experience. It gives me the opportunity to be immersed in a country where everything is different, because we do not have the same way of life. Experiencing this is always interesting! As Cambridge is a ‘student city’, it’s also great for young people. There is always something to do, and if you go out you’re sure to have the opportunity to meet people – it’s a very friendly place!

I’m really happy to be here and to be a part of the KISS team even if it is only for few months, it’s a good experience in a good atmosphere!