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Brand All Black

02 November, 2015 Reading: 0:58 min

This weekend many of us sat down, or stood in a busy pub, to watch the greatest rugby team to ever grace the pitch.

Brand All Black

The All Blacksare a unique brand. 23 players standing in a perfectly formed arrowhead to perform the Haka, wearing ‘the blackest jersey ever’ and donning custom made black boots. This all portrays the sense of a machine-like, unbeatable team. A team you want to support, a team that exudes passion, professionalism and confidence.

The All Blacks are far more than just a team; they are a very powerful brand. Bryn Anderson, chief operating officer at brand valuation firm Brand Finance said, “New Zealand citizens are all shareholders in the All Blacks brand. Not in the typical financial sense, but from an emotional sense.” This is what makes the brand so strong; people around the world recognise how much it means to wear the black jersey.

We are sure there are plenty of New Zealanders out there today feeling very emotional about this brand. But emotion aside, they are predicted to be worth $500 million by the next World Cup.

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