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Click start your marketing in 2024

17 November, 2023 Reading: 3:46 mins

With our screens already showing adverts that fill us with the joys of Christmas (well done Morrisons & Boots, better luck next year M&S), and mince pies already elbowing their way onto the shelves of our supermarkets, it's time to start shifting our focus to 2024’s marketing challenges.

Click start your marketing in 2024

While the twinkling lights and festive cheers will be a welcome distraction, we can’t ignore the challenges looming for 2024. In a landscape peppered with new platforms and technological breakthroughs, ensuring that your brand's voice grows louder and your market share bigger is the challenge at hand.

So, here’s our take on how to click start your marketing in 2024.

Reaffirm your value proposition

Your brand’s value proposition is the promise you make to your customers that encapsulates the unique value your product or service provides. It's not just what you do; it's why you do it and why it matters to your customers. Every marketplace evolves, so it's essential to reassess and clarify your value proposition. Does it reflect your current offerings? Is it ambitious yet attainable? Does it differentiate you from competitors?

Understand the changing needs of your audience

Customer behaviour in the B2B landscape is not static; it changes with societal shifts, trends and personal circumstances. Keeping a finger on the pulse of these changes and using adaptive advertising methods allows your brand to stay relevant and responsive. This will be vitally important in 2024.

This isn’t just about having the right data; it's about interpreting it wisely and combining it with the strategic use of cutting-edge tools, so your brand can carve out a niche that's not just visible but also resonant, so it makes every marketing pound work harder.

Re-evaluate your KPIs

Selecting the right KPIs means focusing on metrics that matter. It’s tempting to track everything, but not everything that can be counted, counts. Determine which metrics closely align with your business objectives. Is it brand awareness, measured by reach and engagement? Or is it conversion, indicated by click-through rates and sales figures?

Every interaction with your brand tells a story. Map out the customer journey and align your KPIs with each stage. From awareness (impressions, reach) to consideration (engagement rates, time on page) to conversion (conversion rates, sales), each KPI should serve as a checkpoint that guides the consumer to the next phase.

By establishing clear, measurable, and relevant KPIs, you can ensure that every element of your marketing strategy is performing not just adequately, but optimally.

Making that budget work harder

As we head into 2024, many budgets will likely be squeezed, so it’s important to think of your budget as a strategic tool that empowers your brand to punch above its weight.

Start by scrutinising past campaigns. Which delivered the highest ROI? It's vital to distinguish the activities that drive real value from those that merely consume resources. By doubling down on high-performing strategies, your budget will be allocated to efforts that have proven their worth.

Not all marketing channels are created equal when it comes to cost. Social media, content marketing, programmatic and SEO often provide more bang for your buck than traditional advertising. By tailoring content for these channels, you can maintain visibility and engagement with a fraction of the budget.

Remember, a tight budget isn't a barrier; it's a catalyst for innovation, a beautiful constraint. By getting creative with how you allocate funds and focusing on strategic, data-driven decisions, you can ensure that your marketing efforts are both cost-effective and impactful, setting the stage for a prosperous 2024.

2024 is closer than you think, start your planning now.

The decisions you make now, the foundations you lay and the actions you take will determine your path through 2024. So, plan with intention, execute with precision and track with accuracy.

And most of all, good luck. The team at KISS are here with expert guidance should you need help in planning or delivery.

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