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Don't miss out: 19% of professionals don't use LinkedIn

20 July, 2011 Reading: 1:13 min

Don't miss out: 19% of professionals don't use LinkedIn

UK business professionals are missing a trick when it comes to LinkedIn according to integrated marketing agency, KISS Communications. A survey, carried out recently found 19% were not on LinkedIn. As the world’s largest professional network with over 100 million members and used by 69 of the Fortune 100 companies, LinkedIn has enjoyed phenomenal success in recent years. “It is surprising that there are just under a fifth of business professionals who don’t enjoy the benefits of this social media network. LinkedIn connects you not just to your trusted contacts but also to a much broader network of professionals,” explains Simon Fryer, Managing Director at KISS Communications. KISS Communications survey found that 7% had over 401 contacts, with 12% enjoying between 201-400 LinkedIn contacts. “This opens up a massive network of possible new contacts,” says Simon, “not just as a way of exploring new business opportunities and engaging with a much wider audience but is also useful at identifying potential new staff, researching ideas and gaining feedback.” It was clear from the research, which questioned 100 business professionals across a range of sectors, that some people had only just started using the site. 16% of professionals had between 1-25 links, with 18% having 51-100. If you’d like to take part in KISS Communications research please email

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