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Going for growth in 2012? KISS Communications’ tips for increasing your chance of success

05 January, 2012 Reading: 2:50 mins

Going for growth in 2012? KISS Communications’ tips for increasing your chance of success

Prime Minister, David Cameron speaking at the CBI conference in London recently said that “we need to deal with our debts and go for growth”. Going for growth is likely to be a target for most companies this year and given the current economic climate this will be a big challenge. Sarah Reakes, Strategy Planner at KISS Communications believes that one of the keys to driving business growth in 2012 will be to simplify the brand strategy process, focusing only on what will enable your business to stand out from the crowd. Sarah has worked with a wide range of blue chip multi-nationals on brand strategy, including Colgate-Palmolive, Nestlé and United Biscuits, she explains, “There is no pretending that it isn’t going to be a tough twelve months but continuing to do the same is not the way to gain competitive advantage and increased customer loyalty. She continued, “Establishing a bold and meaningful platform from which to successfully grow is fundamental. Brands will have to fight harder for their share of consumer spend, so it is crucial that their offer is clearly differentiated and relevant to their target audience.” KISS Communications suggests the following four steps to help simplify the brand strategy process to drive growth in 2012:

  1. Vision - be clear about your business vision; where do you want to get to and by when.
  2. Define - really understand what your brand stands for, who your customers are, who you are competing with; in short the current lay of the land.
  3. Focus - on where you want to be, what you want your brand to stand for, to whom and why.
  4. Position - your brand for success. How are you going to appear in the marketplace, in what way should you be communicating in order to achieve your objectives.

“In summary, it’s about clarity. Everything you do should contribute towards achieving your vision. In such turbulent times it is easy to become distracted by side issues but now more than ever your focus needs to be on your brand. If you want to grow your share of customer spend you need to know your marketplace, be bold about what your brand stands for and clear about the best way to communicate this,” concludes Sarah. KISS Future is a standalone service from KISS Communications which helps companies define, focus and position aspiring brands to drive business growth through a simple, affordable and structured service. Competitive advantage, increased customer loyalty and higher margins are just some of the key benefits that KISS Future can bring to companies. With the KISS principle of ‘keep it simple’ at its core, KISS Future demystifies and simplifies the brand strategy process and guarantees to deliver an inspiring and clearly defined vision for your brand. KISS Future is available as a series of pick and mix structured modules over a pre-set timeframe or as a bespoke service. If you are interested in finding a unique and inspiring vision for your business then call Sarah Reakes on 01223 911123 for an informal, no obligation chat or alternatively email

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