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The power of video

08 May, 2015 Reading: 2:31 mins

Video, including the use of animation, is one of the most powerful marketing tools for 2015 and beyond.

The power of video

Video, including the use of animation, is one of the most powerful marketing tools for 2015 and beyond. According to a study by Forrester Research, just 1 minute of video is worth a staggering 1.8 million words. The information received in this format is also 58% more likely to be retained as video uses both sides of the brain, catering for both visual and audio stimuli.

Video animation provides the perfect platform to translate and clarify highly complex information, particularly scientific research, into a language that all stakeholders can understand. It can be useful for those seeking funding who are looking to communicate complex information to people without scientific knowledge by creating an appealing narrative that gets the key messages of their brand across, in a persuasive and simple manner.

Josef Nikolaus de Pfeiffer, our Account Manager comments: “Over the last twelve months there has been a sharp rise in the number of clients, including science and technology-based companies coming to us wanting to be able to simplify and clearly communicate their core and scientific messages. Video animation is a fantastic way of clarifying their highly advanced technologies to reach multiple audiences including investors and end consumers in an accessible and understandable way.”

We have recently completed an animation project for Altermune, a novel therapeutics company with an innovative technology for the treatment of life-threatening infectious diseases. The video has been shortlisted by The Drum, the UK’s largest marketing website, as a finalist for ‘best use of animation’ in this year’s Roses Creative Awards, which recognise the very best creativity across advertising, design and digital. The Altermune project created by KISS is the only animation covering the science and technology subject area, and is competing alongside major television adverts and key industry names such as Gogglebox to be crowned the best ‘stand-out idea’.

The animation was used to showcase Altermune’s core Alphamer Technology to potential partners and investors. Altermune is one of a number of disruptive innovations coming out of Loxbridge Research, a company specialising in the finding, founding and funding stages of healthcare technologies.

Loxbridge Research CEO, Dr Charles Roberts commented: “The team at KISS delivered the project with the perfect blend of reliable project management and collaborative creativity. Most importantly of all, they achieved a great result which we are delighted with.”

Our Digital Director, John Dibb added: “The use of video and animation is becoming increasingly fundamental to the success of any marketing campaign. As seen with the Altermune video, the content grabs the audience’s attention and communicates the message quickly and coherently, leaving a lasting impression. The use of video also has a positive impact on SEO and its effectiveness will only continue to grow.”

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