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KISS supports young heroes

09 February, 2016 Reading: 1:26 min

KISS support the Cambridgeshire Young People of the Year award...

KISS supports young heroes

We are supporting the Cambridgeshire Young People of the Year (YOPEY) award for the fourth year in a row as Gold sponsor. The award reveals, recognises and rewards young people throughout the UK that have helped the community or individuals in any way.

YOPEY runs an annual awards night in London and various counties throughout the UK and provides a truly humbling night that lets the selfless teenagers take to the stage and be thanked and rewarded for all their hard work.

Richard Gough, Account Executive at KISS, was lucky enough to attend the awards night last year and said: “Working full time it is easy to become selfish and spend your free time looking after yourself, however, the young people showed how even with busy schedules, personal and family challenges, you should always make time for other people. YOPEY is a great charity and it is a memorable night which we are very proud to be part of once again.”

Set up by Tony Gearing, the charity aims to improve the relationship between the different generations in society. Young people more often than not are depicted in the media as being trouble, however YOPEY is slowly changing this image and has been endorsed by the likes of David Cameron and Ed Milliband.

Tony Gearing, Founder of YOPEY said: “We have met some great people since the birth of YOPEY, and sponsors such as KISS help us to carry on every year. We look forward to the award shows and are very proud to be able to continue helping young people doing good in the community.”

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