Every Friday we sit down with a member of the KISS team to find out more about them and how they work. First up is Simon Fryer, our CEO.

In 10 words or less, what do you do all day?
Supporting the team in delivering on the KISS strategy.

Where do you get your inspiration?
Waking up every morning and looking around me every day.

What brand oozes simplicity, and why?
Nike, just do it.

What would you be doing, if you weren’t doing this job?
Setting up another business.

What inspired you to get into PR/marketing/digital/design/administration/account service?
Amazing people, fun environment, complex issues to think about, creating stuff, changing perceptions and making people feel something.

Who has had the most influence on you?
An ex-client who saw the entrepreneurial ability within me and worked me very hard to develop it.

When you visit a website, what irritates you most?
Unnecessary under investment.

Which marketing campaign has made you laugh or cry?
Brexit remain campaign has made me both laugh and cry.

What area of your job is most misunderstood by other people?
My wife thinks that we sit around talking all day!

What is your desert island gadget (that isn’t a phone)?
A massive box of Lego.