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Reasons for optimism: top 10 predictions for 2011

30 June, 2011 Reading: 1:46 min

Reasons for optimism: top 10 predictions for 2011

As the year comes to a close, integrated marketing agency, KISS Communications predicts what 2011 might have in store, and according to Managing Director, Simon Fryer, there is always a reason for optimism. 1. The LinkedIn phenomenon. Whilst LinkedIn continues to achieve stunning growth, playing a crucial role in employment, lead generation, new business, targeted marketing and advertising campaigns, companies will worry about the massive power shift to the individual. 2. The year will see a revolution in personal branding and responsibility. Businesses are not just checking out a company’s web site but looking at the employees who work there. 3. Simplicity! The ‘Keep it Simple’ philosophy will be relevant to all aspects of business, from advertising and direct marketing, to branding and social media. 4. Peer to peer lending, borrowing, gambling, gaming and employment gets stronger and more sophisticated. 5. There will be a rise in the number of innovative new businesses as a result of an increase in redundancies. 6. The banking sector will continue to play havoc with the stability of the international financial system. 7. International travel booms as people decide to have a break and come back when everything has settled down again. 8. Businesses waiting for things to get back to normal realise that it is finally time to revisit their business model and assumptions. 9. The Greater Cambridge & Peterborough Learning Partnership (LEP) will revisit its geographical boundaries. 10. Great fortune will favour the brave and the bold! “There is no doubt 2011 is going to be an interesting year with unprecedented financial, employment and personal pressures on individuals and businesses,” says Simon. “There are lots of opportunities, but companies must be clear about identifying the one big thing that will help them achieve their business ambition and then implement effective strategies to ensure effective delivery. “At KISS, our strategy of keeping it simple and straightforward has resonated well with our clients; businesses value simplicity. To us, bringing a brand to life is about clarity of a simple message, not the flamboyance of a huge budget or a complex execution.”

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