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A week in the life of a Digital apprentice at KISS: Week 2

10 June, 2015 Reading: 1:56 min

In her second week of her apprenticeship, Sarah Gee, talks Meta data, website testing and our KISS inspiration sessions

A week in the life of a Digital apprentice at KISS: Week 2

After a lovely bank holiday, week two began learning all about Meta data. Crucial for any company wanting to appear on search engines, this is used to describe what is on each individual page of a website. Working specifically on the KISS site I was taught how to optimise the Meta data to appear on the first page of sites like Google. Little elements of a webpage like this can easily be missed, but working in an integrated marketing agency has allowed me to realise just how important attention to detail in these areas can be.

Tracking any issues that arise is also really important for smooth running of the company and this was something I continued to cover over my second week. Not only did this give me an overview of what was currently going on at KISS, but also helped me to understand where my role would fit into the communication of these issues. Whilst continuing to test sites, these systems played a key part in making sure all problems were listed in the appropriate area so they could be resolved efficiently.

As Google moves towards a focus on responsive websites, testing of projects has to be extremely extensive to cover as many devices as possible, whilst still keeping an effective design. The more time I spend at KISS the more I begin to appreciate just how much work goes on behind the scenes before a site goes live.

On Friday I attended the monthly inspiration session, which I really enjoyed as it was on one of my favourite topics - blogging and vlogging! The hours spent reading and watching these forms of media has significantly increased over recent years so it's a really interesting topic to discuss. Once established, regular blog posts and videos can form an important part of a business's marketing plans to reach their specific goals, for example increasing leads to a company's website, making it a great opportunity for companies to adapt to suit their goals.

I have my first apprenticeship training session with 3aaa next week, which I am really looking forward to. Although, if my first two are anything to go by, week three will here and gone in a flash!

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