Our Head of Design, Dill Hill writes about the philosophy KISS is built upon...

So what is simple? What does it mean? My dictionary has 29 different descriptions of the word simple from everyday language to specific terms used in studies of science, music and mathematics. That's the thing about simple, it’s not!

Number five in my dictionary is 'not complicated: a simple design.' But for me a simple design is the product of a complex act of creation or thought, both in nature and in our modern world. Unlike art, design has a function or purpose and getting to the point of that function or purpose without unnecessary clutter takes understanding and insight. In order to make it engaging, it takes passion.

I have worked in design for over 20 years now; 8 years of that as an individual and whilst the individual may have the initial insight, an experienced team is much stronger than one person’s thought process. Everyone at KISS plays a part in getting the product right and we are all passionate about it. That is why I'm proud to be part of the KISS team.

Writing about this reminds me of the Coen Brothers film 'The Hudsucker Proxy'; a film about a man with a beautifully simple design, and his quest and passion to get it to market. If you've not seen it, I won't spoil it but above is his original idea; I'll leave it to you to guess what it is or find out for yourselves.