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A world-class site to reflect a world-class institute

KISS designed and developed a site worthy of The Babraham Institute’s reputation.

The client

The Babraham Institute is a world-class scientific institute, situated at the heart of the Babraham Research Campus, near Cambridge. The Institute’s mission is to be an international leader in research focusing on basic cell and molecular biology with an emphasis on healthy ageing through the human lifecycle.

The challenge

To create a website that reflects the Institute's leading status and ground-breaking work

To find a common language relevant to all internal stakeholders

To unify the individual existing microsites into one integrated website

The KISS solution

KISS worked with the Babraham Institute in a highly collaborative process to develop the website. We began by facilitating a brand articulation workshop with the management team. Once there was clarity around what the team wanted the brand to stand for, its tone of voice and brand essence, KISS was able to write a creative brief.

The next phase was a digital discovery workshop, involving the key scientists, which kicked off the planning of the website. With objectives in place from the perspectives of both The Babraham Institute and its segmented visitor groups, user journeys, project scope and a draft site map were developed.


As the discovery phase progressed, the scope of the project evolved to reveal the scale of the site and bespoke functionality, such as integration with PubMed.

The new site was designed to allow The Babraham Institute to stand out in its sector, and is a radical departure from the Institute’s past.