Creating a new brand to attract inward investment to the Cambridge region


To bring to life the essence of Cambridge and what makes it unique for potential investors considering where to locate their enterprise. Communicate this via a new brand activated across key communication platforms including a website.


After a period of discovery including stakeholder consultation and collaboration, KISS created a unique and stand out brand for the new organisation. The name Cambridge& and the line ‘inviting the impossible’ communicate the many possibilities that the city has to offer inward investors. The brand identity was created to work digital-first and is brought to life through an engaging website and social media offer.


A distinct brand with a standout visual identity. A website design and highly engaging UX, reflecting the city’s spirit of endeavour and breakthrough innovation. Shortlisted for the 2022 Drum Roses awards for 'Best Website Design'.

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KISS were pivotal in the brand articulation, planning for and showcasing of Cambridge&. Consummate professionals, they worked tirelessly on ensuring that the brand, website and design were exactly what the stakeholders wanted. No small feat given that the stakeholder cadre is very large.

Harriet Fear MBE