Invigorating a healthcare network

Providing a full-service solution including brand, digital and social.

The client

As one of 15 health networks (AHSNs), Eastern Academic Health Science Network (EAHSN) champions and supports innovation across the healthcare system. In need or an identity refresh they approached KISS to invigorate their brand.

The KISS solution

To articulate the brand, KISS had to evaluate and define the client’s proposition, audience and values through a process that included a stakeholder workshop. Out of this a language and approach evolved, off which a creative brief and brand developed. Modern typography set off by a contemporary logo consisting of a palette extending beyond the staid healthcare blue offers up a vibrant, forward thinking organisation This was emphasised by a vector-based treatment of stock imagery available to the budget, helping them set themselves apart from others.

KISS then assisted with various brand communication tools including exhibition stands and folders, stationery and internal presentations, along with their toolkit moving forwards.


In the digital space KISS overhauled their website and its structure, taking the new brand online and responsive. With a separation of services by Industry or the NHS, the new website provides the user with much more clarity in what (and how) EAHSN offer. A revised e-newsletter was created to support digital marketing activity along with KISS managing their social channels for the first 12 months.

Within 6 months of the main site launching, KISS were again commissioned to design and develop a website - a system to generate templated microsites as part of a family of digital tools to support EAHSN’s business requirements.

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