Helping a market leader target new sectors

Strategic assistance to open up a new audience with the support of a website.

The client

Inca Digital was first to market with its range of large format digital printers, and became market leader in printing large scale retail graphics and the printer of choice for premium high street brands including Apple. The challenge was to create a brand distinctive from Inca Digital but which could draw upon the great heritage that Inca has in the digital print marketplace. Inca appointed KISS to manage the development of a new sub brand to enable Inca Digital to target new sectors and new applications for its products.

The KISS solution

In order to achieve clarity around the sectors that Inca Digital should target, KISS conducted a series of stakeholder interviews with the Board and other key members of staff. This was followed by brand articulation and naming workshops, the result of which Inca Genius was born: naming which sums up a brand personality that is clever in technology terms, surprising in its application, with a proven heritage in print and responsive to customers needs and wants.


The next step was to take the new brand online with a website that warranted a different feel to the norm. Whilst not complicated in structure, the website is rich in vibrant imagery with information revealed through animation, giving a sense of materials overlaying and interacting with other as if they were as physical as the printed solutions Inca offer.

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