Communicating externally & internally

KISS has developed a broad-based range of communications materials for this world-leader in anti-pollution technologies.

The client

UK company Johnson Matthey is a global leader in sustainable technologies. They are the inventors and world’s largest manufacturer of catalytic converters for cars, heavy-duty diesel catalysts and pollution control systems. KISS help them develop a raft of corporate communications materials for both internal and external stakeholders and customers.

The KISS solution

We developed a wide range of materials for Johnson Matthey to use both strategically and tactically, internally and externally. These included quarterly newsletters, exhibition stands and collateral, and literature. We also launched the innovative “Easy Tiger” mail manager system, reducing the company’s carbon footprint for its distribution of large-scale mailouts such as Christmas cards.

Supporting the journey

The amazing catalyst science from Johnson Matthey has positively affected all of our lives over decades. It’s been great to help them for part of their successful journey with a wide range of KISS services and celebration events for many of their Queen’s Awards.

Richard Bland

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