Strategic market positioning

Our brief was to develop a distinct brand architecture and positioning strategy to drive growth, particularly in the international marketplace.

The client

PraxisUnico is a successful not-for profit organisation created to enable academic institutions to successfully commercialise their research. They were at a point in their evolution where they need to make a step-change in the way they marketed themselves – to benefit from an opportunity in the international market and to address shifting market dynamics in the UK.

The KISS solution

A KISS workshop with PraxosUnico’s senior management team was facilitated to work towards a clearly defined and articulated vision of the organisation’s key objectives and target audiences. These would underpin the creation of the core audience-specific propositions which would drive the client’s growth, particularly in the vital international marketplace.

The whole experience with KISS has been very positive and commercially valuable. It’s really helped us define and structure our thinking.

Maxine Ficarra

Executive Director, Praxis Unico

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