Launch a brand

Creating and promoting a new brand within strict constraints.

The client

Precision Biotics (previously called Alimentary Health), a biotechnology company, first approached KISS in spring 2013. Having developed a probiotic strain that had shown very positive results in the treatment of IBS, Precision Biotics asked KISS to help bring the brand to life.

The KISS solution

First off, KISS needed to help Precision Biotics articulate how it wanted to express the brand. A series of workshops with the company’s senior management team identified this and enabled KISS to map the competitive set across Precision Biotic’s launch markets and explore how to position the brand.

Naming the brand and designing packaging followed. KISS needed to communicate effectiveness and position the brand alongside pharma products, while also communicating the product’s application. An additional challenge was to work within rigid regulatory constraints: KISS was unable to use the term probiotic on any consumer facing material, or even refer to IBS or tummy ailments in general.

This also applied to the subsequent advertising and marketing materials that were developed. KISS gave the stylised gut illustration on the packaging a character, Alf, which helped to consolidate the brand name, Alflorex. The brand launched with print and digital advertising and point of sale targeting the consumer, as well as a full suite of Health Care Practitioner materials from exhibition stands to printed collateral aimed at GPs, nutritionists and pharmacists.


Alongside this, KISS designed and built two sites – for Alflorex and Precision Biotics – ready for launch, and later developed an e-commerce platform for Alflorex, enabling global sales of the brand.
Due to the success of this project, KISS was then asked to implement a PR media relations campaign to support the launch of Alflorex in the UK market, positioning it as the only product in Europe that contained the unique PrecisionBiotic® 35624™ culture, which targets specific areas in the gut. Again, KISS had to adhere to EFSA guidelines while developing the campaign.

As a solution, KISS focused its attention on key national and consumer lifestyle titles, using themes such as the importance of good gut health and top tips to bust the bloat to generate interest. In addition, KISS undertook a blogger outreach programme aimed at bloggers suffering from gastro complaints.

Coverage was achieved in national, lifestyle and trade media, securing a combined circulation of over 31,000,000. Alflorex appeared in the Daily Express Online, Candis, Take a Break, and Woman’s Own as well as multiple blogging sites including ‘A Bloke Called Dave’, which receives 3,000,000 unique users each month.

The KISS team clearly had well-drilled processes, which quickly and pragmatically delivered a result for us.

Barry Kiely

CEO, Alimentary Health

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