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KISS is a proud partner of Mapp, one of the world’s largest independent digital marketing technology companies.

With the mass of touchpoints that we navigate in our daily lives, the focus on customer journeys has never been more pertinent in optimising marketing communications. Mapp’s Customer Engagement Platform (CEP) and Data Management Platform (DMP) enable KISS to manage and execute campaigns with a multi-channel approach that puts the audience at the heart through meaningful connections.

KISS’s dedicated team place great focus on the experience of customers with a strategy-led approach that builds engagement. Our partnership with Mapp enables us to deliver successful campaigns with the use of industry-leading tools that enable positive change in user behaviour.

Managing communications across email, websites, SMS, mobile push and social though a single system ensures succinct delivery of messaging aligned to the defined digital strategy. This provides the flexibility to tweak and enhance based on data (including look-alike audience models) that can be interrogated and managed through Mapp’s integrated Data Management Platform. With data increasingly regarded as a complex and overwhelming, yet essential, aspect of modern marketing, it’s very much in KISS’s interest to keep it successfully simple.

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Our partnership with Mapp provides our clients with access to a state-of-the-art platform, with all the benefits of working with a local agile agency. Being an integrated agency means we can also understand the value of email, mobile and social media within the wider context of the marketing mix.

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To find out more about how KISS could work with your business to improve customer engagement, get in touch with our team.

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