Brand articulation workshops

This precious, face-to-face conversation with the key stakeholders in a business is the simplest, most efficient and enjoyable way to discover a unique and inspiring direction for a business and establishes the key components making up your brand.

Clients tell us that the brand articulation process helps them to focus on where their real opportunities lie and provides the whole organisation with a blueprint for the future.

It also shortcuts the creative briefing process, as the articulation provides the basis of a differentiated creative brief based on a truth which stakeholders have agreed to.

A brand articulation workshop typically takes half a day and the agenda is designed according to the needs of each individual business. Typically, it involves three steps:



The first step to understanding where you want your brand to be in the future is about understanding where it is now and why. Who is your audience? What market do you really compete in? Who is in your competitive set and what are their propositions? After completing a brand articulation workshop it’s possible to see with clarity where you are now, and to summarise the key issues and opportunities your brand faces.



Deciding what you want your brand to stand for in the future isn’t always as easy as it sounds. We will invite key stakeholders to work together to tease out a relevant proposition for your brand. Typically we will work through a brand’s why, how and what. Agreeing a clear sense of purpose for your business can help to motivate and unify a business, and will provide clear direction for future growth.

Prioritising and fleshing out your target audiences will also help to provide a framework for developing your more detailed brand messaging and directing your marketing resources.



Defining your brand’s personality traits will help to ensure that your brand always behaves appropriately and doesn’t do anything which might undermine its heritage, reputation and success. When it comes to developing your brand language and identity, it will form an important part of the creative brief, ensuring your brand comes to life in an appropriate way and is consistent across all touchpoints.

KISS responded to a complex and time short brief with energy, great design skills and strategic clarity. They have created a new identity that brings three businesses into one single brand; propelling us visually into an exciting new phase for Amino.

Joe Coles

VP Product Management & Marketing, Amino