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National integrated campaign

Bayer’s Crop Science division briefed KISS to execute an integrated advertising and PR campaign for its UK seeds business.

The client

In 2013, KISS won the seed advertising work for Bayer, the UK’s leading provider of innovative solutions in seeds, products and services, thanks to our strategic approach and fresh thinking. Two years later, Bayer also appointed KISS to act as its seed business PR agency.

Our challenge

To successfully launch Bayer’s oilseed rape seed brand, InVigor, into the UK market

To develop print and online advertising for key agricultural titles

To gain share of voice within a crowded media landscape

The KISS solution

Prior to the initial pitch in 2013, KISS had no experience in the agriculture sector, so we began by immersing ourselves in the world of farming. We got under the skin of the sector, interviewing farmers about oilseed rape, their hopes for the future, how they used media and their views on suppliers.

The advertising strategy we developed was based around pushing the InVigor brand up the benefit ladder, to establish an overarching emotional proposition, which cuts through the often functional messaging farmers are bombarded with on a daily basis. The thought – ‘you’ll be glad’ – was developed to resonate with the joy and satisfaction farmers feel when a crop performs well.

The campaign has been running since Bayer’s seed business launched, across all media touch points from print and digital advertising to social media, printed collateral and exhibition stands.

In 2015 KISS was appointed as Bayer’s seed PR agency, to further boost awareness of the InVigor brand, increase share of voice within the media and provide an integrated approach across advertising, PR and social media.

The seed PR programme centres around a thought-leadership campaign, designed to position Bayer as a leader within the UK seed breeding industry. To do this we ran a workshop with key stakeholders within the business to extract thought-leadership angles that would resonate with the problems faced by growers, as well as the solutions that InVigor can offer and could offer in the future.

In our first year we secured coverage in all key trade publications, writing and placing technical articles, as well as developing case studies, creating content to drive social media activity and undertaking editorial briefings. This activity generated an audience reach of 2.9 million and 42 items of trade media coverage in 2016 – all with the common goal of increasing share of voice for the seeds business and driving awareness of InVigor.

KISS nailed the key insight, differentiator and brand idea with great clarity, but equally importantly, demonstrated a class-leading approach to account and project management. The whole team is a pleasure to work with, and the positive chemistry within the team at KISS is obvious and infectious.

Diana Rees

Marketing Communications Manager