Messaging workshop

Identifying effective messaging isn’t always easy – what you stand for and what makes you different from the competition is key. Defining your messaging framework enables you to create compelling, relevant messages that run through every piece of communication about your business or brand. Our messaging workshop can help you to fine tune your communications to deliver the core content, which will engage your audiences and benefit your business.

In simple terms, it’s a bit like map reading. Step one: work out where you are now with your messages. Step two: establish your USPs. Step three: agree your core messages and identify the supporting ones that benefit your brand or products.

Between us, the KISS team has helped many global brands define and implement their messaging strategies.

A messaging workshop typically takes three to four hours and the agenda is designed according to each individual business. Typically, however, it involves three steps:



As a first step we’ll identify who your target audience is, look at how you describe your product and aim to identify the markets you are in and could be in.

Understanding what motivates your target audience or drives them to buy or be involved is just one of the many questions we will ask at this stage.



We’ll start mapping out your needs against what you and your competitors do best. What are your brand core strengths, what will make you win and stand out from the crowd? Do you all agree – is the whole company on board? We’ll debate and question so we can whittle it down to a few core points.



Once we’ve covered the groundwork, we will spend time developing your messaging map. This will ensure you have captured the core messages for your organisation, specific strategies or initiatives, as well as any product or innovation announcements. Our view is that you should be able to pitch anything about your products or company in just 15 seconds – we like to keep it simple! So we’ll work with you here on developing your elevator pitch – the single overarching message that you want your customers to know.

KISS understood our vision from the off and developed branding that we're proud of. Our messaging is clear and we have a consistent look and feel that can run through all our communication platforms.

Dr Hakim Yadi OBE

Chief Executive, NHSA